Core Conversion

March 20, 2020

Fortune proudly announces that we will undergo a banking conversion beginning March 20, 2020. What does this mean for you? Keep reading to learn about:

  • Conversion dates and service interruptions
  • Debit card and banking services
  • Account information

Fortune recently invested in technology designed to promote hassle-free banking, meaning banking how you want—online, in-branch, or on your mobile device. This new banking system maintains our solution-oriented service that guides our customers to their brightest financial future.

Do you have any questions? Simply stop by one of our branch locations or contact us at (636) 464-9009.

Fast Facts

  1. Your account numbers and the bank routing number WILL NOT change.
  2. You will receive a new debit Mastercard® beginning the week of March 9th that WILL have a new number. Please update any auto-pay accounts swiftly. New cards can be used on March 18th and older cards will no longer work.
  3. Paper statements from the retiring system will be issued on March 19th. New statements from the new system will begin on March 20th.
  4. Withdraw the cash you’ll need for a week before March 17th, as ATM machines will be offline for upgrades on March 18th.
  5. Keep track of your balance as online banking is temporarily unavailable during the conversion week.

Extended Customer Service Hours

  • Friday, March 20th: Conversion Day - Customer service will be available via phone until 7pm. Branch will close at the normal time of 5pm.
  • Saturday, March 21st: Customer service will be available via phone until 3pm. Branch will be open during the normal business hours of 9am-noon.
  • Sunday, March 22nd: Customer service will be available via phone from 11am to 3pm. Branch will be closed.
  • Monday, March 23rd - Friday, March 27th: Week after Conversion - Customer service will be available via phone until 7pm nightly. Branch will close at the normal time of 5pm.


Tuesday, March 17

Wednesday, March 18

Thursday, March 19

Friday, March 20

Monday, March 23


Withdraw any cash as needed this week

ATM machines will be out of service

ATM machines return to service




Open normal hours


Conversion Support Personal and Business

(636) 464-9009

Available during normal hours


Debit Cards

New debit cards are mailed starting March 9th; PIN follows 2 days later; last day to use older card

New debit cards are usable starting today




Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Mobile Deposit, and Mobile App



Available until 5pm

Offline through weekend

New system opens Monday morning




Statements generated for all customers from prior system



Telephone Banking



Available until 5pm

Offline through weekend

New system opens Monday morning

Transaction Limits


Transactions will be authorized using offline stand-in limits

New standard limits apply

Debit Cards

Starting March 9th, keep an eye out for a white envelope containing your Fortune Debit Mastercard®. This new card will automatically be activated the evening of March 17th and is usable as of March 18th. There is no need to activate the card, it will be automatically activated. An envelope containing your new PIN number should arrive approximately two (2) days after the card arrives. If you do not receive a PIN, you may call the number located on the card sticker to set your new PIN. After March 18th, your old Fortune Debit Mastercard® will no longer work. If you have automatic payments on your debit card, please contact your payees and provide updated card information.

From March 18th at 10pm to March 21st, transactions will be authorized using offline stand-in limits. (See chart below).


Transaction Limits/Daily Default Limits

Online Limits

Offline Limits/Conversion Weekend Limits

Consumer Accounts

ATM Withdrawals $500 $250
PIN POS Transactions $1,000 $250
Signature POS Transactions $1,000 $250
Maximum Per Day $4,000 $50

Business Accounts

ATM Withdrawals $500 $250
PIN POS Transactions $2,000 $500
Signature POS Transactions $4,000 $500
Maximum Per Day $6,000 $1,000

POS - Point of Sale/Service
PIN - Personal Identification Number

Loans and Lines of Credit

If your loan is currently serviced by Fortune, we will continue to service your loan after conversion. While you will notice a few enhancements to your statement and notices, there will be no change to the terms of your loan or line of credit. Mortgage periodic statements and automatic deductions for payments on your loan will continue with no disruption. You may continue to use your current coupon book and remit your payment with no change. Going forward, you will receive a monthly notice in lieu of a coupon book.

Personal and Business Checks

You may continue to use your existing Fortune checks. Fortune partners with Harland as our preferred check provider for Personal Checks and with Safeguard for Business Checks. To place a check order with Harland or Safeguard, stop by our branch for assistance, or contact one of our personal bankers at (636) 464-9009.

Safe Deposit Boxes

You will keep your current safe deposit box and your existing key. For billing purposes, you will notice a slight change to your safe deposit box account number. This will not change your box number.
Going forward, you will receive a billing statement 15 days in advance of the due date.

Telephone Banking

You may access Fortune’s telephone banking system until 5pm on Thursday, March 19th. Telephone banking will resume under the new system the morning of Monday, March 23rd. Your telephone banking PIN will be reset to the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. You will be prompted to change it upon your initial login.

Wire Transfers

To minimize posting delays over conversion weekend, please ensure outgoing wire requests are received by 2pm March 19th. Incoming wire transfers will be processed as usual. The wire transfer process and instructions will not change.

Online Solutions

If you use Fortune's Online or Mobile Banking to access your personal and business accounts, you will continue to use this service and will login through Fortune's homepage at In March 2020, you will transition to Fortune's progressive financial hub for mobile and online services. 

If you currently utilize Fortune's Mobile App on an iPhone or iPad, the app will automatically update. If you have an Android, you will need to download our new app from the Google Play store.

Business customers using online cash management services will begin using Fortune's enhanced treasury management system on March 20th. Users will receive more information and training resources in February.

Accounts and Routing Numbers

Starting March 20th, your account number and routing number will remain the same. No action is required.

Account Statements

Customers will receive a final Fortune paper statement generated on March 19th. Accrued interest will be paid through this date for all interest-bearing accounts. Service charges will not be assessed on this special date, but will be assessed (if applicable) on the next regular statement cycle.

Annual Statements/Notices for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

You will continue to receive an end-of-year IRA statement. Current IRA information will be available through online banking, or if you have a Fortune checking account you may request a monthly combined statement. You may notice a slight change to the way your IRA number appears on your statement.


Please refer to the Schedule of Fees tab.

Effective March 20, 2020

Automatic Funds Transfer Setup $2.00 per transfer
Automatic Funds Transfer Fee $2.00 per transfer
Bookkeeping Research Fee $25.00 per hour/minimum of $10
Card Reissue Fee $5.00 per card
Card Rush Fee $30.00 per card
Cashier's Check $5.00
Chargeback Item Fee (Return Check) $5.00 per item
Collection Items (Outgoing & Incoming) $30.00 per item
Continuous Overdraft Fee $3.00 per business day (Account has a 5-business-day grace period with a negative balance before charges are incurred)
Deposit Anywhere Fee (Mobile Deposit) $2.00 per month
Dormant Account Fee $3.00 per month
Early Account Closing Fee $20.00 per account if closed within 90 days of opening
Foreign Check Processing Fee $10.00 per item plus any fees for collections
Foreign Currency Ordering Fee $35.00
Garnishment/Levy Processing Fee $75.00
Images included with monthly statement $2.00 per month
International POS/ATM Service Fee $3.00 per withdraw/$1.00 per inquiry
Money Order $2.50
Night Drop Bag $20.00
Paid Check Copy $1.00 each
Paid Item Fee (Overdraft) $30.00 per item
Paper Statement $2.00 per month
Protection Plan $2.00 per month
Returned Item Fee (NSF) $30.00 per item
Safe Deposit Box Drilling/Re-Key Fee $100.00
Safe Deposit Box Lost Key Fee $15.00 per key
Stop Payment Fee - Manual $30.00
Stop Payment Fee - Online Banking $15.00
Subpoena/Summons Processing Fee $75.00
Telephone Transfer (not automated) $3.00
Temporary Checks $1.00 per 5 checks
Wire Transfer - Incoming Domestic $10.00
Wire Transfer - Outgoing Domestic $15.00
Wire Transfer - International (Incoming/Outgoing) $45.00

All fees subject to change