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Let Fortune bank find creative ways to get you funded

Smart, motivated entrepreneurs shouldn't have trouble getting a small-business loan. That's what we believe at Fortune Bank –and our clients agree—but a lot of large banks don't seem to feel that way.

Unlike traditional lenders, the small-business experts at Fortune Bank are more willing to support your dreams. We want to drive the entrepreneurial spirit of our customers, so when you apply for a loan at Fortune Bank, we'll look way beyond your financial numbers to help make sure that you qualify. If you have a proven background of responsible cash-flow management, revenue generation, and successful business strategies, let's talk.

Fortune Bank can help you secure funding for:

  • Business expansions
  • Real estate purchases
  • Business acquisitions
  • Debt restructures
  • Start-up financing
  • Partner buy-outs
  • Renovations
  • Start-up franchising
  • Equipment upgrades
  • New construction
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SBA support means more available funds.

Fortune Bank offers SBA (Small Business Administration) loans which are backed by the United States government. Ambitious owners and growth-minded companies are naturally good for the country's economy, so when you can give your business a financial boost, everybody wins. And we want to help.

The SBA sets certain guidelines and limits on for-profit business loans, but the individual banking partners arrange the actual interest rates and terms. As an SBA lender, Fortune Bank is able to use government-guaranteed funds to offer you a variety of options and attractive packages for your loan program. The benefits may include:

  • Smaller down payments
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Longer repayment terms
  • Fixed or variable rates
  • Refinancing options
  • Cash back at closing

Doing things better by doing them differently.

Fortune Bank isn't the only SBA lender in this area, but we're the only one who does what we do. At Fortune, our innovative loan officers have decades of experience working with small businesses and commercial real estate, and they have special insight about how things work. Their unique skills and knowledge enable Fortune Bank to customize a flexible solution that suits your company's particular shortterm needs and long-term goals.

"Fortune Bank was very creative in how they structured the SBA loan for me."

Vesna Moll, Owner, Electrical Accessories, Inc. St. Louis, MO

Some SBA lenders only deal with customers who fit their off-the-shelf, cookie-cutter loans, and those often don't work out. That's why many of those business owners then became Fortune Bank clients.

When you work with Fortune Bank, we'll navigate you through the whole SBA loan process, doing everything we can to simplify each step and cut through any red tape. We not only want you to get your funding, we want you to get it quickly and easily.

"I'm grateful to Fortune Bank for taking a chance on us and making this happen."

Brad Francis, President Certified Performance & Auto Repair Moscow Mills, MO

Since first opening our doors in 2005, Fortune Bank has loaned millions of dollars to our many satisfied customers. Now we hope it's your turn.

To learn more, just contact a Fortune Bank SBA loan specialist listed below, and discover how much easier it can be to make your small-business dreams come true.


To discuss your creative financing options, just talk to Carolyn Gegg at 636.628.6984 or e-mail her at Cgegg@Fortunefincorp.comm.